Interest-bearing License Account

We respect the world in which we operate. It begins with compliance with laws and regulations. To meet the new challenges of our time and international banking regulations (Basel III) all clients are invited to pass our Assess- and License Formalities. 

License Information


Regulatory Licensing

Beyond the initial offer stage, all Clients are invited to pass Assessment Formalities and apply for a Business License based on the Assessment Account. HANSE OIL Licensing may not be confused with "advance fees" or membership. A license is an agreement that allows our clients to trade and/or commercially use HANSE OIL Products and Financial Instruments. Read more>

Assess Information

Assessment (and Licensing) is a must for all clients. KYC is a critical area for every trader and financial institution.Within this information, we can can segment this information into categories relating to our customer type, geography, nature of business, account type, balance and transaction volume. Some times customers caterogically refuse to pay any fees whether for Assessment nor Licensing in which case we or our bank willl not be in the position to deal with the application the way requested. Further, you will understand that in oil business or huge financial transactions applications issued from privat email addresses and on the condition that "we do not pay anything" and "finance security = business" there will be no basis for negotiations from the start.

Interest-bearing License Account

All License Accounts bear annual interests of actually (2019) 9.625%pa. Interest rate and annual percentage yield may change at HANSE's discretion at any time without limitation.

License Criteria


HANSE OIL Licensing is privileged and personal. Clients must prove a bona-fide reputation and positive HANSE HCI Loyalty & Conduct Rating (100.00), preferably supported by reference. Interaction


In order to check requirements we invite you co complete the 'Customer Interaction' form. Click here for access


License Fees Info

License Fees are deductible from any business transaction concluded during the first three months after the date of application. The final fee will be fixed by HANSE subject to a. type of license and b. the client's background and standing. Note: 2019 we credit interests to your fee account of 9,655% p.a paid out quarterly. Fees are due and payable upon your receipt of HANSE Invoice by*.PDF. No set-off possible.


Data and self-evaluation Questionnaire. Please complete the self-evaluation questionnaire below in advance of your business- and/or License Application. We do our best to keep your Personal Data safe and we never exchange or sell your information to any third party. Thank you! Click here to accesss the Interaction Form

License Fee Trader

HANSE-Trader must opt for (a) spot trading (b) term trading or (c) both united. These categories can not be updated later.

Base License Fee (100%) Spot Agreement
Term License Fee (130%) Term Agreement
Both (150%) There is no differentiation for our brokers (100%). License Fees are principally deductible from any business transaction concluded during the first 3 month after the date of application. The fee amount is subject to Interaction (Format).
HANSE Care License Structure >

License Fee Broker

One-Time Fee. Refundable on any business transaction concluded during the first 3 months after application. Base Fee subject to information provided with INTERACTION Form. HANSE Care License Fee Structure



1. Access to HANSE OIL global businesses and networking 2. Qualified Brokerage,Trading and Finance Support at any business stage 3. Secured business transactions against all market violations worldwide. 4. Your HBCA 'HANSE Brokerage Consultancy Agreement" attached 5. Your Trade Account and personal Account Manager - fast communication


Interest-bearing License Account

All License Accounts bear annual interests of actually (2019) 9.625%pa. Interest rate and annual percentage yield may change at HANSE's discretion at any time without limitation.


Your Assessment Account

License Applications are essentially based on your Assessment Account. All clients must pass Assessment Formalities first complying with international KYC standards. We usually receive first your License Request. We shall you invite to apply for Assessment (liable to fees) after approval of your License Request. Assessment Fee €1700 p.a. (06.2019)

License Types

License Categories

ALL Licenses are essentially based on the Assessment Account and not assign- or transferable: 1. Broker License 2. Trader License 3. Broker and Trader in 'PersonaLUnion' We distinguish between Spot- orTerm Businesses 4. Finance and/or Investment License 5. Crude Oil Trade License 6. Seller License

Virtual License Explained

HANSE Traders are our Contract-Partners and in this role traders will not receive brokerage support even if the Trader acts as Intermediary (exception: in 'PersonaLUnion'). In such situation, or where our Licensee is not the Trader (Contract Party), our Licensee can apply for a so-called 'Virtual License' on behalf of his client likewise if the ultimate client does actually not yet wish to register for any reason at the early stage of negotiations with our licensee. The Virtual License Application is only covering client's extracts respectively limited information regarding the client.
The License must be later formally converted to a regular Trade License.

Spot- or Term Trader Agreements

We distinguish between a 'spot license' or a 'term license'. Traders are required to opt either way with license application. In practice, this means that a spot trader is NOT legitimated to conclude spot- and/or term contracts consecutively or simultaneously, and vice versa. Consequently, a spot transaction can not be followed by a term agreement until license maturity date.


Interaction - Self Questionnaire

Please check whether you have first applied for Assessment. In case you wish to circumvent this application and rather like to submit a license application straight please complete the Interaction Form herein or email uns your question: Email: Click here for Interaction

License Term Sheet

Review the Business License Term Sheet (draft). Click here

License Request

Click to access the form here Advance Inquiry for your Licence Application.

More Info

HANSE Care Knowledgebase

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