Chartering and Sub-Chartering


HANSE routinely charters oil tankers both for clean products as well as for fuel oil during the year. A significant fleet of vessels are on long term time charter besides the vessels that are chartered on spot voyage basis. For more information please contact us below or HANSE OIL (Iberica) Shipping Madrid.

HANSE OIL(Iberica) Shipping



The HANSE Group focuses on ship chartering, financing, special projects and shipping consultants as requested by our clients. Diligent and dependable operations as well as administrative co-operating partners insure the interest of our clients. HANSE OIL also offers Marine Fuel at more than 30 ports worldwide. Deliveries are made by dedicated barges.

The HANSE Shipping & Maritime is based in Madrid, with specialist centres in Malaysia and Singapore - networked to maritime professionals across the globe. Offering high level expertise and decades of experience, we provide group businesses and operations with an unmatched and vital resource.


Our modern tankers carry crude volumes directly from oil fields or to third-party custom-mers. All shipping activities in the HANSE group are performed with a heavy focus on health, safety and environmental protection, and in accordance with the group's ethical guidelines.

Time Charter and Voyage Charter

A charter party is defined as a contract between a shipowner and charterers for the use of a ship or her cargo space. HANSE operates: 


Voyage Charter Party C/P

It is a contract to carry a specified quantity of cargo (normally full cargo) by a named vessel between named ports at an agreed freight rate.The ship owner remains responsible for the operations of the ship and the cost involved.

Time Charter Party C/P

It is a contract for the hire of a named vessel for a specified period of time.The charterer pays for the commercial expenses of the ship i.e bunkers, cargo handling, port dues and pilotage The owner pays for the runnning expenses of the ship i.e manning, repairs, stores, provisions, hull and machinery insurance etc.

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