HCI Scoring System explained


Clients are ranked (the 'HCI Index and Rating ') on their ease and performance of doing business with our group, from 100.00 (Excellent) - 109.99 (Poor). A low ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatoris more conducive to the starting and operation of business transactions substantially in view of business transactions with our group.

HCI Loyalty & Conduct Index


HCI Global Trust Ratings are opinions based on all information known to HANSE, including publicly available information and/or non-public documents and information provided by the HANSE Group and other parties. Disclosure and maintenance of ratings are subject to there being sufficient information, consistent with the relevant criteria and methodology, to form a rating opinion. 


HCI Jugdemental Business Scoring


The Rating equals to a percentage figure (example: HCI %104.22 :100=4,22 percent) which figure reflects an AGIO applicable for all invoices due to our group (including but not limited to licence fees or SBF) and, therefore, essentially affects all business calculations.

HANSE a perfect In-House solution

HCI Global Trust is jointly owned by OTC, SHIMACO,The Oil Club and HANSE OIL World. Business Class License Holders will find the personal Score in the license account. The system of rating securities was originated by HANSE Consultants.


The purpose of HANSE's ratings is to provide HANSE Licensees and Investors with a simple system of gradation by which future relative creditworthiness of securities and Loyalty & Conduct criteria may be gauged.

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Thousands of individuals and entities have been placed on one of many Restricted Party Lists. In addition to criminal lists and healthcare debarment lists, there are lists for previous trade- and Finance violators or so-called 'non-performers'.


Regardless for what reason, our licensed Clients, Partners and Investors have an obligation to ensure that any person or party with whom they conduct business is not on one of these lists.

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September 28, 2019

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