HCI Credit Rating Database and Undesired Persons

Centralized Credit Information for the HANSE Group

Maintenance and Setup Process 

HCI Rating is based on the KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER concept that eliminates the fear of trading blindly with local and international companies or even individuals. So It helps answer the questions you should be asking.


Our databases are regularly updated and sourced from various  private  and public resources,  such as the Electoral Registry, Registry of Companies, and Law Courts, all in strict compliance with the data protection laws.

The services Credit Info offers have become important aspects of business support and of every successful company today even more important dealing in energy- or crude oil fields and relating finance transactions.

Therefore, the HCI Database integrates the screening of undesired persons as well as companies and HANSE OIL Group global Embargoes with background information on all violent activities.

Information is accessed upon reasonable request by y membership only and serves our licensed Brokers- and Traders in all business fields and finance transactions.